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We have one of the most comprehensive lists of  bird hunting leases on the web.  We specialize in dove leases, quail leases, and turkey leases. If you are interested in finding a hunting lease or just interested in a day hunt, send us an email and let us know where you want to hunt.   We will provide you with a list of leases in your area that can cater to your needs, no matter how large or small your budget.  Click here to plan your bird hunt today.

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Kinney Farms - Dove Hunting

If your looking for a South Texas dove hunt you won't soon forget, this is the place!  Great mourning and whitewing dove hunting.

Name: Kinney Farms
Location: South Texas
Game Whitewing and Mourning Dove
Projected Limits - 15 dove per day in the aggregate
- 30 possession limit
Projected Season: Sept. 1 Central Zone & Sept. 19 South Zone

South Texas Quail Hunt
South Texas Quail Hunting

South Texas Dove Hunt
Kinney Farms Whitewing and Morning Dove Hunts

South Texas Duck Hunt
Duck Hunting

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