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The Vizsla is one of the world's purest breeds.   They are bred to be excellent, all-purpose gundogs.  They are a well-built, medium-size framed dog, which enables them to function well as a top ranked hunter.   Since they are so pure, they have an increasednatural ability bred into them that includes stamina, athleticism, and balanced form.  These three characteristics enable them to hunt waterfowl and upland game for long periods of time, usually under difficult conditions.  Vizslas are, above all, well balanced, enabling them to work well in the field with little or no effort.  They are very beautiful dogs having a very short, smooth, shiny coat.  Vizsla may not be as intelligent as most gundogs, however, they are extremely hard working, good tempered dogs.  A true, natural hunter.

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Vizslas are enthusiastic, over-active gundogs.  They require a high dose of very vigorous exercise and daily training.  They are naturally avid hunters, so the more exercise they receive, the better the hunter they will be.

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Because Vizslas are so pure bred, their intelligence level is not top of the line, as many of their other characteristics are.  Vizslas can be difficult to train, but once the techniques have been taught and are reviewed frequently,  they will be very loyal, hard working hunters - that is their nature.    

ale Vizslas measure approximately 22 to 24 inches while female Vizslas measure 21 to 23 inches.   Both sexes are sturdy, well muscled and boned.

The color variation of this breed is small.  These dogs are either rusty gold, or dark sandy yellow.  The darker dog is usually a preferred pick.  Their coat is short and smooth, lying close to their skin.  Even though they have short hair, they require weekly brushing to remove excess hair, and to keep  the coat shiny.

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The Vizsla breed always make good family pets because of their kind temperament.  They are quite good with children if introduced to them at a young age, and they make a fair watchdog.

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