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Pointing Labs

Pointing Labs have not lost any of their desire to retrieve they have merely had the natural desire to point birds brought out.  The Pointing Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium to large-sized dog, possessing a sound, athletically, balanced confirmation.  This enables them to function well as one of  the most well known, top retrieving gundogs.  They possess the Pointing Lab substance and soundness to hunt waterfowl or upland game for long hours under difficult conditions.  The Pointing Lab is well balanced, enabling it to work in the field with little or no effort.  The Pointing Lab is bred primarily as a working gundog, so their structure is greatly important.   Their temperament and gentleness with children make them an excellent family companion. The most distinguishing characteristics of the Pointing Labrador Retriever is its dense, short, weather resistant coat, and thick tail.  Pointing Labs have a clean-cut head with a broad back skull and moderate top.  They have very powerful jaws, with a very soft, gentle mouth.  Its "kind," friendly eyes, express its gentle character, intelligence and good temperament.

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Pointing Labs are enthusiastic, but not overly hyperactive bird dogs.  Most require moderate amounts of attention, but relative to other bird dogs, they seem to acclimate well to their environment.

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Pointing Lab owners will attest to the exceptional intelligence and high levelof obedience the dogs frequently show when working or playing.  Labrador Retrievers are considered by many to be not only one of the most intelligent bird dog breeds, but also, one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds.  Many Pointing Labs are used by police officers and the armed forces.  They are also used as seeing-eye dogs because they have such a high intelligence level, making them easily trained and willingness to show obedience to their owners on a daily basis. 

Pointing Labs have a rather large, stocky frame.  The height at the withers for a male Lab is 22 1/2 to 24 1/2 inches.  A bitch measures slightly less at 21 1 /2 to 23 1/2 inches.   Approximate weights of the dogs in working conditions are between 70 and 85 pounds.  The female weight measures between 60 and 75 pounds.

The Pointing Lab comes in one of three basic solid colors.  They are either black, yellow or chocolate.  The coat of a Lab is rather short, dense and hard.   It is not wavy but needs regular grooming with a brush to keep its shine.

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A Pointing Labrador Retriever's temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as their thick tail. The ideal disposition is one of a kindly, outgoing, easy to please nature.   This gundog does not have a tendency to be aggressive.  They are therefore, poor watchdogs.  The Labrador has many characteristics that appeal to dog lovers.  His gentle ways, above average intelligence, and obedient, calm nature are only a few. This is an ideal dog to add to your family, and or to have as a hunting companion.

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