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French Brittanys

The French Brittany is similar to the American Brittany, but has many unique qualities.  The main differences between the French Brittany and the American Brittany lie in conformation, temperament and style of hunting.  French Brittanys are natural hunters and this should not be curbed in the early days of training. They hunt for you, you don't have to hunt for them.  Their natural hunting instinct and intelligence is the result of meticulous breeding practices.  They are used on all types of upland birds, from pheasant and quail to grouse and woodcock.

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French Brittanys are enthusiastic, active bird dogs.  Most will hunt 50 to 60 yards either side of the handler.  When the cover is denser the dog will naturally hunt closer.  They are full of energy and eager to please.

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French Brittanys are intelligent, good tempered, excellent gundogs.  They will use the easily acquired training techniques you have taught them, while they work for you.

The French Brittany is a small to average size dog, usually measuring approximately 17 1/2 to 20 1/2 inches in height at the shoulder; bitches are slightly less. The weight of a French Brittany ranges from 30 to 40 pounds.

The French Brittany is normally black and white.  French Brittanys are often liver and white, orange and white, tri-color and roan of any of these colors.

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The French nick-named the brittany spaniel "le fougueux" which means "the high spirited one". This aptly describes the brittany personality which shows a zest in general and for hunting in particular. They are energetic yet calm. They are a dog which prefers to be in their master's companionship and thrive best in an atmosphere where they are included within the home at least on a part time basis. He is affectionate, loyal, he'll put in a whole day's hunt, no matter the weather, his energy seemingly bottomless, yet ease calmly right into the home without disrupting the household. With his compact stature, he is light and quick on his feet, which perhaps is what gives him such endurance


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