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English Setters

The English Setter breed demonstrates an effortless, graceful, movement when working or playing.  They demonstrate their elegance, symmetry and endurance by covering ground quickly and efficiently. English Setters are considered to be well built, medium-sized dogs, enabling them to be  superior, naturalhunters.  English Setters posses a natural, athletically balanced structure that enables them to point and retrieve effectively. This breed of gun dog has the ideal blend of strength, stamina, grace, and style.  The English Setter has a variety of colors and patterns that demonstrate a soft, feathered, very flat-coat with no curl.  English Setters are gentle, intelligent, and loving pets, making them a great household companions  They are quite affectionate toward children and other pets.

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English Setters are enthusiastic, high active, natural pointing and retrieving bird dogs.  Most require large doses of daily, rigorous exercise. 

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English Setter owners will attest to the dog's naturally ability and intelligence level.  This natural ability makes them easy to train.  Their eyes are quite bright, and spaced to give a mild and intelligent expression.  They require a high dose of attention, and do not like being left alone.  They make much better hunters than guard dogs.

A male English Setter measures 25 inches in height, and weighs 60 to 66 pounds.  A bitch measures 24 inches and weighs 56 to 62 pounds.  Since both sexes are so close in both size and weight, they make exceptional partners in hunting.

The English Setter comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  They can be solid black, or solid white.  Their colors can also be combined with white.  Some combinations are:   black and white, tan and white, lemon and white, orange and white, and liver and white.  They also come in belton combinations.  Belton means having white as the ground color with an intermingling of darker hairs.  Some possible belton combinations are:  blue belton, lemon belton, orange belton and liver belton.  The English Setter's coat is soft and flat, with some feathering, but has no curl or wooliness.  The feathering usually appears on the ears, chest, abdomen, underside of thighs, back of the legs and most noticeably, the tail.  They need daily grooming with a hardy brush or comb.  Their noses are either black or dark brown, and fully pigmented.  They are very beautiful dogs.

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The English Setter is known for being a fun loving, gentle, affectionate, friendly dog.   They make very loving pets.  They are not shy.  They do not make the best guard dog because they do not have a very vicious temperament.  They don't like to be left alone.  English Setter owners truly appreciate the friendliness of their dogs.

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