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Bird Dog Image
Bird Dog Breeds Image

Welcome to the bird dog breeds section of  Ultimate Hunts.  We have listed some of the most popular gun dog breeds below.  If your looking for information on bird dog breeds,  please take a look around.  If you are a bird dog breeder and are interested in advertising on this site visit our advertising section for details.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

Airedales Airedales German Wirehaired Pointers German Wirehaired Pointers
Brittanys Brittanys Goldn Retrievers Golden Retrievers
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers English Pointers Gordon Setters Gordon Setters
English Pointers English Setters Italian Spinone Italian Spinone
English Setters English Springer Spaniels Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retrievers
English Springer Spaniels Flat Coat Retrievers Pointing Labs Pointing Labs
Flat Coat Retrievers French Brittanys Vizslas Vizslas
French Brittanys German Shorthaired Pointers Weimaraners Weimaraners

Attention Bird Dog Breeders:   If you are interested in listing your kennel or business on this site, visit our advertising section for details.  We offer several packages to choose from.

Attention Bird Dog Owners:   If you  would like to post a picture of your bird dog on this site, send us the scanned image via email.  We will post it in our member's section and send you an email letting you know it is on the web.

South Texas Quail Hunt
South Texas Quail Hunting

South Texas Dove Hunt
Kinney Farms Whitewing and Morning Dove Hunts

South Texas Duck Hunt
Duck Hunting

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